Saturday, February 14, 2009

Ice storm photos!

As promised, pictures from the ice storm a few weeks ago. On Monday, Jan. 26, to be exact, it rained, and that rain froze. Then it sleeted. Then it snowed. Then it sleeted again. And then we couldn't get out the driveway. Stranded! So... I played photographer! (Northerners, especially some I know on facebook, shut up about how much worse your winters are. There's a reason I live in Oklahoma.)

It looks very sweet and pastoral, but Lulu (the puppy) is really about to bite Esmerelda's (the cat's) head. Esmerelda doesn't fancy this fascination with the flavor of her head very much, but what can she do? Lulu is rather bigger than she is.

Some of the chickens huddled under the house. They don't have names, my dear readers, so you can't anthropomorphize them. More importantly, we can't anthromorphize them, which makes them easier to eat later on.

Bread crusts soaked in warm water is comfort food for chickens. Here Ridiculously Obese Rooster #1 (sometimes called Turkey, sometimes called Food) shares a moment with his favorite hen...

...and the guineas don't seem to know when they're not invited. They lack social graces.

Ever heard the phrase "Cocky as a bantam rooster?" It's true.

They don't have mirrors, and therefore happily live the fantasy that they are the biggest men around.

This (really) big man (Chanticleer) wants you to know that he is most emphatically NOT a bantam rooster. Excuse the dirty window - I wasn't about to clean it in this weather, and he would have stopped crowing as soon as I went outside. I've tried to catch him crowing many times, and he always stops as soon as he sees the camera. Standing on the porch railing , surveying his territory and crowing is one of his favorite pastimes.

You live in the country when you have t-posts keeping your mailbox from getting knocked down.

The porch at night. I was mostly playing with camera settings and getting the icicles at the same time, but check out the super-classy shoe organizer on the bench with the bowl of cat food on top of it where the dogs can't reach it. The chickens can, though, so we just chase them off the porch.

The end! More pictures are here if anybody wants to see them.


L Fabjanska said...

The second photo on the page is the best. Not just because I`m obessed with colors, but maybe because I am. The framing is excellent. Also the contrast of colors, really brings out the plumage.

X said...

MC you are living the dream.


mystical_rose84 said...

love the pictures! :-)