Tuesday, November 23, 2010

New blog!

It's time.  A blog needs a focus, and this one has none.  I started a homemaking blog months ago, and even for as infrequently as I blog, it was getting difficult to decide where to put which thoughts.  Besides, "theknittingmuse" sounds like it ought to be a knitting blog, and I just don't turn out projects fast enough to have one of those.  So, I point you to my new internet home (well, Facebook is my internet home, but maybe someday I'll be good at blogging too): http://afriendlyhome.blogspot.com/.  And you should definitely stop by, because otherwise you won't get to meet my new daughter.  http://afriendlyhome.blogspot.com/2010/11/introducing-heidi.html

Alternatively, you could just accuse me of being a serial blog-starter like my dear friend eatingbreadandhoney (ok ok you're right, that's not her real name).  I prefer to think of it as experimenting while I find my groove.  Though as I've mentioned before, I kind of think Facebook is my groove.

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