Saturday, January 30, 2010

Little things that show me I'm loved

My husband read my previous post and thought that "flowers on the table" was about his gift-giving skills, not my gardening skills, so he bought me a beautiful bouquet of flowers and tried to sneak them under my nose at the grocery store. I asked about them, but then he was so disappointed I had to lie and tell him I hadn't seen them after all. Shh, don't tell him. And then I carefully didn't look at them while we were putting the groceries on the conveyor belt. Well, maybe I sneaked a peek or two.

And now my living room is all yellow and pink and red and purple and more pink. Beautiful.

Tell me I didn't marry a wonderful man. Just try to tell me.

1 comment:

Lost City Denise said...

What a sweetheart. He has good taste in flowers and women.

Welcome back to blogging. You've been missed.