Monday, June 22, 2009

Thank you, everyone, for your prayers. I have been overwhelmed with grace this week, and have recieved so much peace and guidance. I know it's because of all the prayers (and good thoughts, since I have some friends who don't pray) that have been coming my way.

I have much reason for sorrow in my life right now, but I also have much reason for joy. I have a wonderful man who loves me and is going to marry me just about as soon as I can finish making my dress. I have God's faithful promise that He wants me to marry my man, and to be happy with him. I have amazing friends who rally and prove their love for me, even when they don't know what's going on. The love of my friends is worth more than gold. Thank you. I've had a week-long retreat to get my spiritual life back in order and to pray about God's plan for me. And I sang at the wedding of two wonderful people whose love is an inspiration, and whose Tridentine Nuptial Mass filled me with a certain amount of Nerdy Catholic Pride for knowing the responses. Chelsea and Martin, congratulations, and may God bless your life together abundantly.

So thank you all for your prayers and good wishes, and please keep them coming, especially in the next couple of weeks while I wait for the inevitable-and-painfully-final. But don't worry about me. My life is still awesome.

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Denise~ said...

MC - you are an incredible woman.

May your life always be filled with awe, love, joy and balance.