Friday, July 25, 2008

Sustainable Urban Living

Sustainable Urban Living

I don't live in the city anymore, but this site has a lot of really useful information for me (even with 10 acres, life's just better if you know how to conserve space) and I know it'll be REALLY interesting for anyone who lives in the city and would like to live more sustainably. Sustainable living is important for the environment, it's super important for the economy, and your family will benefit enormously.

Sarah, Leokadia, and Genevieve, I bet you'll find some ideas you'll like a lot. See? Everybody loves sustainable agriculture, especially when it can happen on a back patio.

Also? She keeps crested chickens, which are just about the most amusing birds on the planet.

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Rosie X said...

I really want to get started with some hens this spring, when things will have theoretically calmed down a bit. I guess I can read on it from time to time until then. I checked my city code, and it's ok as long as each hen (no roosters) gets 20 ft^2. What kind of chickens do y'all have in OK? And would you recommend the breed? The good thing about our little suburb is that it gets quite rural, and I found out they sell excellent laying hens at the feed store down the road. And what does y'all's coop look like?

Also, I'm awake now because I fell asleep with baby at 6:15, and I woke up in the middle of the night!