Friday, June 20, 2008

Studying for the GRE is making me dumber

The GRE prep page really (seriously!) wanted me to answer this question.

14. If 300 jellybeans cost you x dollars. How many jellybeans can you purchase for 50 cents at the same rate?

B. 150x
C. 6x
E. 1500x

The correct answer is A, by the way. Stupid GRE prep.

p.s. Just because I've posted on top of it doesn't mean I don't want teaching tips anymore. If you know anything about teaching, please scroll down, read my teaching post, and pass on your wisdom!


Mary in CO said...

I totally empathize, having taken the GRE last October. I used the Kaplan GRE 2008 prep guide, which had a few errors in the quantitative section. Don't sweat it, tho.

For me, the writing was the more difficult. When I took the GRE the first time, I was so freaked by the time that section was done that I couldn't do well on the rest. I cancelled the test. Second time around was MUCH better!

So, take a deep breath; say a quick prayer (Lord, with you I can get through ANYTHING!); and you'll do it!

And practice writing those essays. It really makes the difference.

God bless,
as in also
as in same name, faith, taste in films
but a quilter, not a knitter

Arya said...

150/x should be answer

Mary Catherine said...

Mary in CO, I'm sad you didn't leave a link, because I'd have liked to be able to stalk *AHEM* get to know you from your own blog, assuming you had one. (I know it's acceptable to make Facebook-stalking jokes, but is it acceptable to make blog-stalking jokes? Something in me says it's not, but I can't see why it wouldn't be.)

Arya, I bow to your superior math knowledge, but I still haven't the foggiest how you got the answer. I also feel compelled to point out that the answer page said that A was the correct answer, and A was blank. Doubtless they meant to put 150/x next to A, but still. They didn't.

Arya said...

then MARY it was really a joke.

sorry in first instance, I could not grasp it.

Mary S. said...

You're going to grad school? I thought you swore not to. No?

Mary Catherine said...

Did I swear not to? Then I guess I can't go. I don't remember swearing, though - I just remember being completely convinced that grad school was not for me. I changed my mind. I miss academia. Actually, I mostly just miss academic coffee.