Friday, April 11, 2008

Stuff you learn when you add a SiteMeter; also, random musings

Apparently the Waterhouse painting I had as my profile for all of two days is still getting hits from Google image search.  Guys, it's not here anymore.

Also, Cosmos-Liturgy-Sex has me linked on their sidebar, which is funny because I never ever talk about Theology of the Body.  Or Theology, for that matter.

Speaking of theology, anybody who was ever confused about why the sheep go to heaven and the goats go to hell should just work with goats for a few months.  Try catching them and pouring wormer down their throats.  Then you'll know.  Thus endeth the theology lesson of the day.

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to play with my beloved goats (you do have to love them, even if they're obnoxious most of the time) for a while now because of the RAIN.  Thank you, thunderstorms, for washing out my road and making it 4 inches wide, and therefore impossible to get anywhere I want to.  And the hard freeze that's forecasted for this weekend?  Not usual.  Al Gore, are you listening?

In other news, I know entirely too many pregnant people.  Not that I think they shouldn't be pregnant (of course!) but just that having this many pregnant people around is bad for my babyitis.  I asked my mamma if we could go to the store and buy me a baby, but she seems to think that she should just keep introducing me to young men in hopes that one of them will fall in love with me at first sight.  Thanks, mom.  Because, you know, being introduced by your MOM isn't awkward.  Maybe it's only awkward for me because I know what she's thinking.

I really do hate meeting people and going on dates, though.  (What??  You want to drive me around town and pay for my dinner???  You don't even know me!)  (also to clarify, I don't hate meeting people, and I don't hate going on dates, but I do hate going on dates with people I've just met.)  But I want babies posthaste.  Figure that one out, if you can.


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