Saturday, March 15, 2008


I am an official owner of Birkenstocks. I can't decide if I've sold out or arrived. I think I've arrived.

In other news, I was asked today for the fifty bajillionth time why I'm a farm girl, since I'm so smart. Would anybody like to enlighten me about why cities hold a monopoly on intelligence?

The answer I gave: I'm smart enough to know that eating natural foods, getting exercise and living close to nature really is a better life. (Not to mention, the monks are awesome, and don't make us hold hands during the Our Father.)

But, apparently, I fail in the world's eyes if I can't do it all AND have a law degree. Oh well, at least I'm a happy failure. Oh, and have I mentioned lately how many kids I want to have? Different standards of success, that's what they're calling it these days.


sarah e. said...

I feel your pain. My co-workers are supportive but semi-scandalized by the fact that I have no intention of returning to work after the baby is born.

Elle Marja said...

Birkenstocks are really the best form of foot-wear; you've arrived. I gave away most of footwear after getting mine.

You should answer with a post-modern comment, "Different strokes for different folks."